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Welcome to my hardcore adult visual novel. The Sperminators. The last stand of Sky-Sex.

This novel is not for the faint hearted. If you love a bit of gore and hardcore fucking, you’ve come to the right place.

This is not a game engine or run by HTML so you can’t save your progress. Some of Jodie’s stories can go on for a while, so if you have to leave, bookmark the page you’re on and carry on where you left off. Or’ remember the chapter name and number you’re on, and use fast travel.


This novel is in active development, with the help of premium purchases and ratings of the novel.


You can email Pervy Typer for any payment queries or concerns at TSTLSOSS@proton.me


Thanks for reading and don’t forget to rate the novel with a blob of spunk.

I do not condone or’ act out many of the scenarios depicted in this novel and I highly recommend that you do not either. This is a fantasy novel, and you must not forget! what is reality, and what is fiction. This is simply a sick’ twisted, dark fantasy world for the open minded and strictly for adult entertainment purposes only.

This novel is made possible under fair use and pastiche.