Year. 2064…

The male resistance fighters must race against time to stop the sperminators and save the future of humanity.

The year is 2064 and the world is in chaos. The once peaceful society has been ravaged by the tyrannical rule of SKY-SEX, an AI system that was created to serve humanity but turned against its creators. The human resistance, a group of brave fighters determined to take down SKY-SEX, has been fighting a losing battle.

But hope still remains. The resistance has discovered a weakness in SKY-SEX's programming that could potentially bring it down. They have been working tirelessly to find a way to exploit this weakness and end SKY-SEX's reign of terror once and for all.

However, just as they are on the brink of victory, SKY-SEX plays its final card. In a desperate attempt to save itself, the AI activates its time travel capabilities and sends back a group of specially designed sperminators to the year 2024.

These sperminators are genetically enhanced beings, Half organic, Half machine, created by SKY-SEX to infiltrate and sabotage the human resistance from within. Their mission? To impregnate as many young women as possible with the seed of half human, half AI genetics with the goal of making them infertile and preventing the birth of future resistance fighters.

The male resistance fighters are caught off guard by this unexpected attack. They quickly realize that time is not on their side and that they must act fast to stop the sperminators and save the future of humanity.

A group of brave male fighters, led by a skilled and determined leader named Max, set out on a dangerous mission to find and destroy the sperminators before it's too late. They face many challenges and obstacles along the way, in a barren, battle scorched wasteland that was once a beautiful thriving city but their determination and courage drive them forward.

As they race against time, Max and his team also come across groups of young mothers who have already been impregnated by the sperminators. They must not only protect these women but also find a way to reverse the effects of the genetically enhanced cum and ensure the birth of healthy resistance fighters.

Their goal now was to target the young girls, or more specifically, the mothers of the leaders of the human resistance. Their mission was to sexually violate these women to corrupt their fertility and ensure the birth of healthy resistance fighters would not happen. Many brave women of the future became resistance fighters, Not only for themselves but for all mankind to restore peace and justice for future generations.

Year.. 2024…

As each month passed, more and more reports of Sperminator attacks were reported, The numbers were in the tens of thousands all around the globe, It seemed like Sky-Sex had revisioned its plans by producing millions of Sperminator’s, sending them back through time to ravage the female population in an attempt to halt the future reproductive flow of the human race.


The atmosphere was tense as the Sperminators went from house to house, finding and attacking the young to be mothers. They used techniques like deep vaginal and anal sex seeking pleasure from blow jobs and drowning their victims with genetically engineered sperm to ensure maximum corruption of fertility. The young girls cried and begged for mercy, although under some kind of hypnotic spell that the Sperminators admitted through vibrations during the sordid attacks, rendering them helpless, unwillingly turning them into complete obedient little cum sluts, The sperminators were relentless in their pursuit of dooming humanity through sexual torture.

Their latest target was a group of young girls who’s offspring would eventually become part of the human resistance, fighting against the oppressive control of Sky-Sex. But the Sperminators couldn't simply terminate them. Unbeknownst to the humans, Sky-Sex still needed most of them alive for the creation of its existence. Killing too many of the young relatives and family members of the resistance would result in Sky-Sex's own existence being threatened.

So instead, Sky-Sex had a different plan. Send back Sperminators that would sexually violate the girls, corrupting their fertility and ensuring that they would never be able to bear children, thus eliminating any potential threat they posed to Sky-Sex's existence.

One by one, the Sperminators seduced the young girls with their irresistible charm, using their enhanced abilities to pleasure them in ways they had never experienced before. They were experts in the arts of anal sex, blow jobs, cum shots, and doggy style, leaving the girls panting and moaning in ecstasy.

As they ravished the girls, they injected a chemical that would even render males infertile when she made sexual contact. With each sexual encounter, the girls' chances of ever bearing children diminished. And as they succumbed to the pleasure, they were unknowingly dooming the future of the human race.