Target name.. Jodie LuvLips

Occupation.. Student nurse

Age.. 18

Location.. London, England

Date.. June 6th 2024

Target briefing…

Jodie is set to fall pregnant on August 6th. 2024. Max’ a priority target of the human resistance time travelled back to July 9th 2024. infiltrates and sexually defiles Jodie. His own mother. With his genetically enhanced sperm, Max’ conceived himself through Jodie’s birth resulting in him becoming his own farther so he could exist in this timeline to fight against Sky-Sex. Even with an IQ of 22,000, I am still uncertain on how this time transition collided with an alternate reality creating a timeline loop from one reality to the next. The humans are smarter than I gave them credit for.

Jodie must be sperminated.

Chapter 1
Jodie’s lust

Jodie was an 18 year old sexy goddess, with long brown hair and a killer body. She was a student nurse, dedicated to her studies but also had a wild side that she only shared with her boyfriend, John. Tonight was their date night and Jodie was determined to make it a memorable one.

As she stepped into the shower, the warm water cascading down her body, Jodie couldn't help but think about what was in store for her later that night. She reached for her favorite soap and lathered it all over her breasts, enjoying the way it made her skin feel soft and smooth.

Her thoughts then drifted to her lower regions as she reached for her razor. Jodie loved anal sex and she always made sure to keep her asshole smooth and hair-free for John. The thought of him entering her backdoor sent shivers down her spine as she fingerd her wet cunt and ran the shower head’s warm gushing water over her sensitive clit.

With a steady hand, she carefully shaved her pussy and then turned her attention to her asshole. She wanted it to be perfect for John, so she took her time and made sure every hair was removed spreading open her ass crack and gently gliding the razor as close to her tight opening as she could, Her fingers couldn't help but wander down to her pussy slipping her soapy fingers in gently tickling her clit feeling it getting wet with anticipation for what was to come as she pressed her boobs up against the steamy shower door.

After washing off the remaining soap, Jodie stepped out of the shower and dried off. She took a moment to admire herself in the mirror, feeling sexy and confident. She then went to her bedroom and slipped into a tight-fitting dress.

Focusing on her thoughts of the night ahead, Jodie couldn’t resist slipping a finger between her folds. The touch of her own hand on her sensitive skin sent shivers down her spine. She couldn’t wait to feel John’s touch on her body, his fingers exploring her most intimate parts.


Unable to resist any longer, Jodie reached for her 10” vibrator and turned it on. As she watched herself in the mirror, she teased her slick entrance with the buzzing toy. Her fingers working in unison, she began to pleasure herself, moaning softly as she imagined the pleasure to come.

Her thoughts turned to her ass as she slid the vibrator inside her, her body responding eagerly. With each movement, she couldn’t help but imagine John’s fat dick filling her, giving her the pleasure she craved. Faster and faster she moved, her body responding to her every touch until she couldn’t hold back any longer. Her body tensed as she climaxed, her juices coating the vibrator.

Jodie always had a high sex drive from her early teens but there was one thing about Jodie that no one knew – her secret love for anal sex. It all started when she stumbled upon some teen anal porn videos online when she hit late puberty, At first, she was hesitant to watch them, but soon her curiosity got the best of her. She was mesmerized by how these tiny girls with extremely tight assholes would get filled by older guys' fat veiny dicks.

From that moment on, Jodie couldn't get enough of it. She watched these videos almost every night, and it became her little secret. She started to experiment with anal play, using different toys to pleasure herself. But deep down, she craved to be one of those sluts in the videos, Jodie planned to ask John if they could film themselves having dirty sex, once she had built up the courage to ask.

Jodie had been dating John for a few weeks now, and they had amazing chemistry both in and out of the bedroom. She could feel that he was the right person to share her secret with. But she was scared. What if he freaked out? What if he thought she was weird?

But one night, she decided to finally ask him. They were cuddled up in bed after a hot and steamy session, and Jodie's heart was pounding. She mustered up the courage and looked at him with her big brown eyes, 'John, can I ask you something?'

He nodded, and she continued, 'I have a secret fantasy that I've been dying to try. I've always been obsessed with anal sex videos and watching little assholes getting fucked, And I want to be fucked in my shit hole by you.' on camera.

John's eyes widened in surprise, but a mischievous grin spread across his face. 'You don't have to ask me twice, Jodie,' he said as he leaned in to kiss her.

Jodie could feel the excitement building up as they started to film their own version of teen anal porn. The pleasure she felt was indescribable as John's fat veiny dick filled her tight asshole. And when they watched the video later, she couldn't believe how hot and turned on she was by watching herself get fucked in her shit hole.

From that night on, Jodie and John's sex life went to a whole new level. And Jodie couldn't be happier. She had finally found someone who shared her love for anal sex, and she was more than satisfied with watching her gaped asshole on camera.

Jodie was feeling excited as she stood in front of her mirror, trying on dress after dress, admiring her appearance. She had been working hard at the gym and eating healthy, and her efforts were clearly paying off. She couldn't help but smile at her reflection as she admired her toned body.

Her gaze wandered down to her perfect breasts, which were accentuated by the tight dress she was trying on, She couldn't help but feel a sense of satisfaction as she remembered the countless hours she had spent doing push-ups and chest presses to achieve that perfect cleavage.

But what she was most proud of was her small but perky ass. She had always been self-conscious about it, but lately, she had been receiving compliments from men and women alike. She couldn't believe that all her hard work had resulted in her dream body.

Jodie finished getting ready for her night out with John. She had been looking forward to this for weeks, and she couldn't wait to see him again. Jodie turned on some music, her favorite hip hop songs, and started dancing around her room. She moved her body effortlessly to the beat, her long brown hair flying around her.

Jodie was always a natural when it came to dancing. She had been attending dance classes since she was a little girl and it had become her passion. She loved the feeling of freedom and expression that dancing brought her. As she twirled around her room, she couldn't help but think about John. He had always admired her dancing, and she couldn't wait to show him some of her new moves tonight.

Her thoughts were interrupted by the sound of her phone ringing. She looked at the caller ID and saw that it was her friend, Jane. Jodie answered the phone and they chatted for a while about boyfriend issues and other general chit chat. Jodie laughed and joked with Jane, feeling grateful to have such an amazing friend in her life.

After twenty minutes of talking, Jodie hung up the phone and poured herself a glass of wine. She took a sip and let out a sigh of contentment. She loved this moment of calm before the storm. She turned up the music and went back to her dancing. She knew she had to leave soon, but she couldn't resist moving her body to the rhythm of the music.

Just as she was about to leave her apartment, Jodie's phone beeped with a message from John. He was waiting for her at the train station. Jodie smiled, quickly slipped into an even tighter dress and grabbed her bag before heading out. She couldn't wait to see John again.