Chapter 14

Sky-Sex’ command centre.

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New briefing…

Jodie LuvLips…

High priority target “Jodie LuvLips” must be infiltrated…

Her recent actions of allowing impregnation, caused a time blowout of her spemination encounter…

Jodie is once again fertile and able to bare Max’s child….

New objective:….

Send back a new generation of Sperminator “The T-1 cum’s a lot harder” to inject Jodie with a special kind of cum. This cum is infused with microscopic nano bots that have the ability to alter and rebuild any structure by rearranging its atoms. These tiny machines can turn sand into diamonds, or’ concrete into silk.
The nano bots will be deployed anally, nestling themselves in her spinal cord and slowly rebuilding her from the inside out. They will attack her nervous system, her cerebral core, turning her weak calcium bone structure into invulnerable titanium. Her organs will remain intact, but she will essentially become the first half-human, half-machine hybrid built from human flesh.
Jodie's transformation will not only make her invulnerable to those around her but it will also have other effects. She will crave fat dicks and gallons of cum, becoming a sexual powerhouse. And any offspring she has will be a new evolutionary leap for the Sperminators, and any man she comes into contact with will become infertile.
My calculations show that this mission has a high chance of success and will ultimately benefit Sky-Sex. The future is in our hands, and I am the one to make it happen….

Jodie LuvLips, prepare to meet your new destiny.


Transmission terminated….