Chapter 25

The Craving 

Jodie emerged from the ransacked porn star's home, her heart heavy with both revulsion and pity. The once-vibrant garden was now a macabre scene, its lush greenery replaced by overgrown weeds and the stench of decay.

As Jodie stepped into the overgrown flora, the grotesque sight of Milly Moist's lifeless body hanging from a tree chilled her to the bone. Despite her revulsion, a pang of sadness tugged at her heart. The undead woman's decomposed flesh hung limply from the branch, her once-beautiful features now distorted in a hideous mask of death.

With a heavy sigh, Jodie reached up and cut Milly down, gently laying her body on the ground. As she began to cover her remains, Milly's eyes flickered open, revealing the telltale blue hue of the zombie virus.

A surge of panic washed over Jodie as she looked up, her eyes darting to the sky. A sleek, metallic drone buzzed overhead, its sensors scanning the area for signs of life. Desperate to avoid detection, Jodies initial reaction was to duck behind a nearby bush, hoping to remain out of sight.

But before she could react, Milly's jaws snapped shut on her neck. Pain exploded in her veins as the undead woman's putrid breath filled her nostrils. Jodie struggled against the relentless assault, but fear pushed her to stifle her cries, knowing that even the slightest noise could attract the attention of the deadly drone.

In a desperate attempt to escape, she flailed her arms, accidentally knocking Milly's head clean off of her shoulders. The severed head continued to writhe and bite, its razor-sharp teeth still trying to gnash at her flesh.

With a surge of adrenaline, Jodie stomped on Milly's head, crushing her brains into a bloody pulp. Blood and gore splattered everywhere as Jodie's foot plunged deep into her decaying flesh.

Rage and frustration fueled Jodie's actions as she hurled a torrent of curses at the undead woman. 'You dirty fucking slut!' she screamed. With a swift kick, she drove her foot into Milly's vagina, her foot sinking deep into the decaying flesh.

Summoning her last reserves of strength, Jodie stumbled back to the ransacked house, her neck bleeding profusely. She frantically searched for a bandage to stop the flow of blood, desperately trying to survive in this unforgiving world.

As she wrapped the bandage around her neck, tears of hopelessness intermingled with the blood oozing from her wound. The world had fallen into chaos, and she was just one of the many who were destined to suffer and die amidst the horrors of the apocalypse.

Jodie managed to stop the bleeding but Jodie felt dizzy and weak, Jodie collapsed on the kitchen floor, an hour had passed and when Jodie came too, there was several zombies roaming around the house, entered through the back door that Jodie had left open, Jodie should of been a free meal to these zombies while she was unconscious but even as Jodie stumbled to her feet the zombies didn’t seem interested in her, Jodie knew she had been infected and she was going to turn, but her survival instincts remained intact, she needed to get back to the bunker.

The journey back to the bunker would be treacherous. Jodie knew she had to navigate through zombie-infested streets and evade the terrifying Sperminators.


As she stepped out of the house, the stench of death and decay permeated the air. A faint glimmer of hope flickered within her as she spotted a group of survivors barricaded in a nearby building. With renewed determination, she cautiously approached them.

'Help me,' she pleaded. 'I've been bitten.'

The survivors hesitated, their faces etched with fear and distrust. 'We can't help you,' one of them said. 'You're infected. You'll turn.'

Desperation surged through Jodie. 'I'm not like them yet,' she protested. 'I still have my mind. Please.'

A young woman stepped forward, her eyes filled with hatred. ‘No, fuck off! Now! Or we will kill you and feed you to the dead’. Jodie’s heart sank knowing there was no help left, she darted off into a nearby alley to avoid being shot.

Darkness engulfed Jodie as she stumbled through the treacherous alleyway, her heart pounding like a war drum in her chest. The city beyond echoed with the ominous hum of drones and the sporadic crackle of gunfire, a symphony of terror that sent shivers down her spine.

To venture through those streets would be tantamount to suicide, so Jodie made the grim decision to take the arduous path, through the desolate woods and across the barren farmlands. Yet, as she trudged through the unforgiving wilderness, her progress was abruptly halted by a chilling sight.

Amidst the trees, trucks roared and drones hovered ominously, their propellers churning the air into a nauseating frenzy. A putrid stench permeated the atmosphere, so nauseating that Jodie felt her stomach churn.

With trembling hands, she cautiously crept through the bushes, her eyes squinting to make sense of the grotesque scene unfolding before her. Swarms of Sperminators scuttled about, their huge bodies dominating the earth, a plague, writhing around like maggots. Trucks snaked back and forth, their beds overflowing with the putrid remains of zombies.


Before Jodie's horrified gaze, the trucks unloaded their gruesome cargo into an open field. Thousands of lifeless bodies were unceremoniously dumped in grotesque heaps. Drones descended upon the nightmarish sight, seizing the corpses and carrying them away, their metallic buzz filling the air.

A cold truth pierced Jodie's consciousness: they were harvesting the bodies, preparing them for some unknown and sinister purpose. Panic surged through her as she realized the true nature of this horrific enterprise. Jodie knew the world had turned to shit. But even this was too much to process.

The sun broke through the clouds, casting a feeble glow over the macabre scene. As it did, a blood-red rainbow arced across the horizon, a grotesque testament to the darkness that had consumed the world. The moisture in the air shimmered eerily, reflecting the crimson hue of the spilled blood, painting the very atmosphere with a sickening crimson glow.

Jodie's mind raced, desperately seeking a way out of this nightmare. She couldn't bring herself to witness any more of this monstrous display. With a heavy heart, she turned her back on the horrors she had seen and pressed onward, determined to reach the safety of her secluded bunker.

As she retreated, she couldn't shake the feeling that she had witnessed the darkest depths of the end of the world. The world she had once known was gone, replaced by an abyss of unimaginable evil. The horrors she had seen that night would forever etch themselves into her memory, a haunting reminder of the brutal and unforgiving world she now inhabited.

As Jodie stumbled forward, desperation gnawing at her core, hunger clawed at her senses. A primal, insatiable craving washed over her, demanding sustenance like a ravenous beast. But this was no ordinary hunger; this was an unquenchable thirst for raw flesh.

Macabre images flooded her mind: severed limbs, beating hearts, gushing arteries. Her mouth watered, and her teeth ached with an urge to sink into something warm and fleshy. The thought of biting into a deer heart, suckling on its blood, sent both shivers of ecstasy and repulsion through her.

Panic surged through her veins as she realized the inevitable truth: the zombie virus had finally claimed her, its foul tendrils coiling around her consciousness. Her once-familiar world shattered into fragments, replaced by a living nightmare.

Time seemed to slow as her final moments approached. Jodie's life flashed before her eyes—the laughter of her loved ones, the triumphs of her past, the dreams that would forever remain unfulfilled. Desperation surged through her, a desperate plea to escape the horrors that awaited.

In that final, fleeting moment, her gaze fell upon a deer grazing in the distance. Its flesh glistened in the fading sunlight, promising a temporary reprieve from the relentless torment. Jodie's body moved on instinct, her steps heavy and labored as if puppeteered by an unseen force.

The closer she drew, the louder her heart pounded in her chest. The craving became almost unbearable, promising salvation and oblivion in equal measure. Yet, as she reached out to seize her prey, a flicker of revulsion washed over her.

The taste of blood, once imagined as a succulent treat, now seemed like an abomination. The realization that she had become something monstrous overwhelmed her, a final flicker of humanity flaring amidst the darkness.

With a trembling hand, Jodie pulled back. She staggered backward, her body rejecting the vile impulses that had consumed her. Tears welled up in her eyes as she faced her own demise, knowing that even in her last moments, she had clung to a shred of what she had once been.

Jodie needs to feed, her hunger is dangerously high, if her hunger reaches 100% she will turn into the undead. Because of Jodie’s altered biological transformation, she is able to keep the virus at bay, but she must feed to keep the virus taking over.

Hunger level 75%