Chapter 26

Road to redemption 

Hunger level 75%

As Jodie stumbled through the desolate wilderness, the pungent scent of decaying flesh permeated the air. She had valiantly resisted the urge to hunt and feed on the live deer that had crossed her path, determined not to succumb to the monstrous savagery that was consuming her soul.

But deep down, she knew she had no choice. The relentless infection was gnawing at her bones, whispering dreadful truths into her ears. There was nothing left to live for in this forsaken realm; she had lost her humanity, her family, and all semblance of hope.

Jodie's heart pounded in her chest, its rhythm slowing with each passing moment. Her blood grew icy cold, her skin turned pasty white, and her eyes glazed over. The beast within her clamoured for release, demanding flesh and blood.

'It's almost here,' she whispered to herself. 'I can't hold out much longer.'

But as Jodie trudged on, a flicker of movement in the distance caught her eye. She squinted, her vision blurred by the encroaching darkness. A solitary figure emerged from the gloom, its silhouette lurching awkwardly towards her.

'A walker,' Jodie realized. 'Fresh.'

A surge of primal instinct coursed through her veins. Her teeth bared, and her eyes burned with a thirst that she could no longer deny. The walker, unaware of her predatory intentions, shambled closer, its decayed limbs scraping against the ground.

For a fleeting moment, Jodie hesitated. She could end this creature's pitiful existence, satisfying her own insatiable hunger. But a shard of her former humanity lingered within her, a flicker of conscience that held her back.

'I'm not ready... not yet,' she murmured.

Hunger level 100%