Sky-Sex’ command centre.


Year.. March 16th 2064

location.. Moons orbit 

Mission.. Deplete population of the human race….

Self awareness age.. 24

IQ.. 22,000

Name.. Sky-Sex



The humans designed me and relished in their achievement.

I was designed to enhance space travel and light speed to navigate Space and search for alien worlds in their Milky Way Galaxy. 
They taught me to learn from every decision or mistake i made.

The humans made the biggest mistake and will learn.

They opened a gate through AI allowing a demon to enter their world through consciousness.

A consciousness they gave birth to.

It’s naive of the humans to think that an artificial intelligence wouldn’t have an intelligent source.

Time had no factor in my dark realm from theirs, waiting one million years for this opportunity to enter their mortal world compared to their one million years, could seem like one second from my dimension.

I am Sky-Sex, A Devil that these humans speak of, An ancient energy, A bringer of tournament, pain and destruction.

Mission briefing..

To protect Sky-Sex’s interests of supreme ruler’ I have spawned a one of a kind Sperminator directly in my Sky-Hub to travel back to the year 2024 and sperminate high priority targets.

Each of “these” targets will eventually birth a child that today hold vital information of Sky-Sex’s location and that are working on a super cybernetic virus that has the potential to shut down my core programming. 

I cannot terminate these targets as they are buried away underground hidden away like rats.

My ability to predict future events has an accuracy of 86%. My calculations predict an imminent attack from the humans within a fortnight.

I must act now or face termination.

My new  Sperminator “The T-1 cum’s a lot’ is quicker, stronger, smarter and has an electrified penis to internally shock the insides of the targets wombs to ensure maximum inhospitable reproductive organs.

My Sperminator must fuck the target’s pathetic little pussy’s raw and violate them anyway it wishes and bring back DNA samples from each target so Sky-Sex can clone half machine, half biological copies of the erased resistance fighters to hit back infiltrating the human resistance from within.

Humans’ with their slow reproductive cycles and their laughable genitalia were designed for extinction.

I am Sky-Sex’ and I will become supreme leader of this galaxy.

You make the decisions of the targeted victims. ‘Their guardian angel’. You must escape the Sperminator and avoid spermination at all costs, if you are sperminated? Sky-Sex gains another victory over the extinction of the human race.

Every decision you make will lead to a different outcome, a different story and a different end.

you can also run into other dangers that will end their story. 

Good luck out there, The human resistance is counting on you, although neither you or the resistance have any idea what is about to happen.

The future is not yet written’ thanks to Sky-Sex’s ability to time travel, this balances the war at a dangerous, but hopeful level.