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Lucy stumbled into the filthy public restroom, her head hung low and tears streaming down her face. She had just endured another humiliating encounter with the ruthless sperminators. These 13” robot cock wielding machines had been sent back through time by a malevolent force to dominate and abuse the women of her world.

Lucy had heard of their arrival, but nothing had prepared her for the reality of their ruthless and powerful existence. She had seen some of her friends fall victim to their monstrous cocks, their tiny bodies no match for their strength and aggression. And now it was her turn.

She had been walking home from work when she suddenly found herself surrounded by a group of sperminators. They had grabbed her and dragged her to an abandoned wear house tearing off her clothes and pinning her down with their powerful robotic limbs.

As she struggled against them, the sperminators laughed at her futile attempts to escape. They taunted her, telling her how weak and insignificant she was compared to their massive bodies and fat long veiny dicks And then, without warning, they began to violate her tiny asshole one by one several times over in a brutal and relentless assault.

Lucy's screams of pain and terror filled the air, but no one came to her rescue. She was all alone and at the mercy of these cruel machines.

But even amidst the agony and humiliation, Lucy couldn't help but feel a strange sense of pleasure. As the sperminators thrust their massive robotic cocks into her, her body began to betray her, her pussy dripping with desire and her anus twitching with a mix of pain and pleasure. She couldn't understand why this was happening, but she couldn't deny the intense sensations coursing through her body.


Lucy moaned in ecstasy as she felt her body being filled with pleasure and pain. She was lying on the cold, hard ground of an abandoned warehouse, her clothes torn and her body covered in sweat.

Her anus was twitching, gaping from the intense sensations coursing through her. She couldn't believe how much she loved being gang-raped by these dangerous men. Every time one would finish, another would take his place, filling her with their hort dirty sticky cum.

Lucy had always been a quiet and reserved girl, but this secret side of her craved the roughness and aggression of the sperminators. She couldn't resist their commanding presence and the way they used her body for their own pleasure.

As she lay there, moaning and writhing in pleasure, Lucy couldn't help but think that this was the best sex she had ever had. The atmosphere in the warehouse was intense and dangerous, adding to the thrill of the experience. The abandoned building was the perfect setting for their forbidden desires.

Suddenly, one of the sperminators leaned down and whispered in her ear, 'You're such a slut for us, aren't you Lucy?' She nodded, unable to form any coherent words as another wave of pleasure washed over her.

The narrative was interactive, and Lucy would often respond to their rough demands, begging for more. She was completely under their control and enjoying every second of it.

Finally, as the last of the sperminators finished, they left Lucy lying on the ground, completely spent and satisfied. She couldn't believe the rush she felt every time she was with them, and she knew that would keep coming back for more.

Despite the danger and darkness of their encounters, Lucy couldn't resist the allure of the sperminators and their intense dirty fucking, She knew that she could never explain this side of herself to anyone, but she didn't care. As long as she had them, her desires and her tight dirty dripping cunt and her hungry wet warm slippery shit hole would always be fulfilled.