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Sarah sat in her room, writing in her diary, tears streaming down her face. She couldn't believe what had happened to her. She and a few other girls had been victims of the Sperminators, a group of men who were known for their massive hard cocks and their desire to sexually abuse and hurt women.

In her diary, Sarah described in detail the pain and fear she felt when the Sperminators broke into her bedroom and took turns raping and abusing her. They didn't care about her screams or her tears, all they wanted was to satisfy their own pleasure.

She wrote about how she was forced to endure anal rape, cum in her ass, mouth, and face, and even double penetrating. She was tied up and gang banged, unable to fight back against the overpowering strength of the Sperminators. But what shocked her the most was that despite all the pain and trauma, a twisted part of her actually enjoyed it.

Sarah couldn't understand why she had these feelings, why she wanted more even after everything she had been through. But she couldn't help it, she craved their rough touch and the feeling of being completely dominated.

Little did she know, her desires would eventually lead to something much bigger. She would soon conceive a child from one of the Sperminators, a child that would grow up to become a high ranking official of the human resistance.

As Sarah wrote in her diary, her room filled with a bright light, and suddenly a man appeared in front of her. He introduced himself as Max, a member or the leader of the human resistance from the future. He had come back in time to send a Sperminator to ravage Gemma's tight little cunt, knowing that it would result in the birth of the child who would bring hope to their dying world. Max had captured and reprogrammed a Sperminator for this specific task, Little did Sarah know, Max was the child she would soon give birth to.

Sarah couldn't believe what she was hearing. She was meant to be just a slut, a victim of the Sperminators, not the mother of a powerful child. But the thought of giving birth to a child who would save humanity filled her with a strange sense of pride.

And so, with a twisted smile on her face, Sarah welcomed the Sperminators once again, eager to fulfill both her own desires and the destiny that had been thrust upon her. In her diary, she wrote one final entry before the Sperminators ravaged her once again, 'I may be a victim, but I am also a survivor. And now, I will become a mother.'